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Crossing Paths

Composing the score and sound design was the perfect invitation to inject a lot of fun and love into the soundtrack! As an interactive film, CP came with technical specifications that were driven by the interactive nature of the project. Each character inspired their own thematic and instrumental personality.

This light-hearted comedy takes place over a lazy Saturday during Sydney’s Summer. The characters are a mix of housemates, lovers, buddies, friends of friends or perfect strangers. Each of them has their own life going on, and each is the protagonist of their own story. The film is an interactive experience, with the audience deciding narrative outcomes. It works as both a theatre screening and as an online experience, with over 700 possible outcomes!

In a theatre screening, the audience votes via a bespoke smartphone app for iPhone and Android devices. The app allows audience members to cast their votes by simply tilting their phones left or right. Vote counts are relayed to an MC whose job is to stir the audience into action and drive the interactive controls.

After a final round of Screen Australia investment for web technology, you can now view the project in full here!

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