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Meet The Mavericks

Well known cultural figures sit down for a free-ranging exchange of ideas, and to chat about their passions, inspirations, shared experiences, and creative processes.

Featuring some of Australia’s most iconic artists, performers, cultural leaders and all round rebels. Each week we meet a different pair of mavericks for a free-ranging and intimate conversation; Ben Quilty and Warwick Thornton catch up in Alice Springs, Grayson Perry and Magda Szubanski sit down to talk about identity and therapy, Leah Purcell and Miranda Tapsell jump into the boxing ring together, Tim Minchin and Phillip Adams discuss how far you can go with comedy and commentary, and Jon Ronson and John Safran compare notes about hanging out with the KKK.

Groove Q composed and produced titles theme music and underscore throughout all 3 Seasons of Meet The Mavericks.

More information / episodes here.

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